Amune Browser

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Identity Obfuscation

Amune masks your online identity by providing standardized browsing environments and IP Addresses. Your real identity gets obfuscated.

Outsmart Censorship

Unblock censored pages. Amune servers are hosted around the globe and allow you to access censored content. Let freedom win.

Stop Tracking

Prevent Scripts, Cookies and Plugins reach your machine. Active content is executed in isolated containers and gets auto destroyed when you exit.

Safe Browsing

Websites are loaded and rendered on our servers. Browser Exploits can't enter your browser anymore! You become immune on the Internet.

Turbocharge Pages

Amune accelerates browsing through web streaming and fast servers. Websites are compressed and minimized for mobile devices.

Obfuscate Fingerprinting

Fingerprinting your browser becomes impossible because all containers are the same. Your real browser's identity can't be detected anymore.

Block Analytics

Modern websites identify you based on your typing behaviour and mouse movement. We normalize inputs and make these techniques infeasible.

Unblock Content

See how the web looks like somewhere else. Premium users can freely choose how their browsing container gets geo-located.

No Logging

Luckily logging user data is illegal by strict Swiss Privacy Laws. No logging means no trouble. We believe in privacy and data secrecy.

The Magic

A fresh browser for every website

Every time open a page with Amune a new one-time browser is opened on our infrastructure. The browser environment then streams the page content to your inside browser. Whenever you load a webpage in your inside browser, that page is actually loaded and rendered on our servers. We then stream the content to you.

A secure Browser-inside-a-Browser

Amune is a secure remote browsing environment executed on hardened infrastructure. The Browser on Demand consists of mature technologies like Remote Browsing, Operating System Virtualization, AdBlock Technology and Proxy Servers. As a user you can only see a simple web application displaying a virtual browser window. In there all the magic happens automatically. We created the world’s first secure Remote Browser on Demand. It hides your search and browsing from trackers and keeps you private.

Dangerous Internet: There is a war on your data

Your browser is a high-value target

Your Privacy is under Attack

Your browser exposes your data

* Proxy Servers, VPNs or anonymity networks (like Tor) don't protect your privacy - they just provide you with a new IP Address every now and then. Although this might have helped you 10 years ago, sophisticated tracking methods such as Browser Fingerprinting, Browser Exploits, and several JavaScript-based techniques reveal your identity even when obfuscating your IP Address. This is why most VPN services and other Proxy solutions lie to you when offering 100% online privacy.
** Secunia Vulnerability Review 2014

IMMUNIZE your Browser

Protect yourself through remote browsing

Strong Privacy Protection

Browser Support

We support modern browsers with HTML5 and Javascript


Minimum Version: 28

Google Chrome

Minimum Version: 22


Minimum Version: 7

Internet Explorer

Minimum Version: 10